Aberdeen teenager charged for chase through city on stolen motorcycle

enter image description here An Aberdeen man has been charged in court with several traffic violations, theft, assault and intent to commit theft. Police allege that Lewis Bowyer, 20, stole a motorcycle on the night of December 1st, 2018 from the St Peter Street. It is alleged that he used the red Honda motorcycle to follow his former partner, with the chase going from Hayton Road to Provost Rust Drive.

He then stopped and parked the motorcycle in front of the car, alarming the former partner and causing her fear. The woman was not injured during the incidence. The other charge from this incident was that he was driving without insurance and also driving while disqualified.

Prosecutors also allege that Lewis Bowyer stole a vehicle on the night of December 6th, 2018 from Don Street. He was spotted four days later driving the orange Lexmoto vehicle on Portland Road where Police Constable Connor Jackson ordered him to halt but he sped up. When he was finally caught, he assaulted Police Constable Jordan Carter by headbutting him. For this incidence, the charge of driving without an insurance and while disqualified was again added.

On December 11, Bowyer was apprehended on Riverside drive where he was found in possession of a screwdriver and a pair of pliers. The charge against him on this incident infers that he had been in involved in theft or was planning to commit the offence. The prosecutor told the court that it was very likely that the accused was in the hunt for his next motor vehicle.

The accused pleaded not guilty when all the ten charges were levelled against him. The judge didn't see him as a flight risk and granted him bail with the next court appearance scheduled for January 2019. It is not the first time that the Seaton Park resident has been charged with traffic offences as his misdeeds in the past have left him disqualified to drive.

Following Bowyer's double car theft and court appearance alongside motoring offence solicitors, Sergeant Andy Machray advised residents to be vigilant against motor vehicle thefts. He promised that the police were doing their level best to investigate reported car thefts and thanked residents who came out when inquiries were being conducted.

Sergeant Andy Machray further urged members of the public to report anything suspicious in the neighbourhood to the police by dialling 101. He urged them to divulge as much information as possible about possible suspects. Such information includes description of people and suspicious unfamiliar motor vehicles in the area. He also called on residents to keep their doors and windows locked every time even if they are at home. He finally promised the community that high visibility patrols will be roaming the streets to combat any wayward behaviour

Girl awarded £9m after hospital failings led to double leg amputation

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In most cases when we go to a hospital, we usually place our complete trust in the hands of the doctors and nurses. After all, what could possibly go wrong? But come to think of it that the same place you are supposed to seek out for help is the same place that ruins your life. This is exactly what happened to the girl who mistakenly underwent double leg amputation for what was termed as ‘hospital failures.'

The young girl has to cope with her current situation for as long as she lives. She has shown courage and accepted her condition which too many people would have had a hard to come in terms with. It is said that her parents first took her with a frail illness which later turned out to be deadly and life-threatening. This was simply because the doctor made incorrect diagnostics allowing the infection to spread to her limbs. The reality is that without the doctors' negligence she would be having both her legs leading a normal life.

Her parents decided to sue the hospital for the day to day pain their daughter has and is still going through. The incompetence of the hospital management was questioned, and they agreed to be responsible. They then offered their sincere apologies to the family and their young girl. It is said that she has handled the whole situation so calmly and has been able to courageously deal with any form of trauma that has occurred after the horrific accident.

The lawyer representing the family argued that the girl's whole life had been impacted and she can never be the same again. He stated the girl needed special care which the family could not provide for. In light of these revelations, the hospital management decided to come up with a generous offer.

They agreed to pay the girl a total of £9million to cater for her daily expenses, special treatment, and her support for the coming years. As much as this amount is far from what the girl lost, the family felt a form of relief as the can now cater for her medical needs and other special needs. It is quite sad that the young girl went to the hospital with two legs and came out with none.

The magistrate was pleased with how the girl handled the whole situation, and how the personal injury solicitors represented the claim. Her parents can now sleep a little more soundly knowing that justice has been served as much as is possible in the circumstances.